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Many people ask me about trading tools and how to more easily do stock analysis without guessing. One of the tools I love is MarketClub and Adam, the founder, always puts out videos showing you how he uses the tools himself along with some analysis. I know you are all interested so I won’t get [...]

Many people believe that gold, or TIPS is a good way to hedge against inflation but there’s actually a better way. The indicator has actually accurately forecasted every inflationary and deflationary cycle since it’s inception in 1957. INO has done a great video talking about it so check it out here. The index, now called [...]

Similar to the credit ratings of individuals, credit ratings are assigned to each issuer of debt obligations.  This rating affects the interest rate of the loan and also help investors categorize the many different types of debt that are issued today. Credit Rating Agencies (CRA) are companies that perform and assign these credit ratings.  For [...]

Cash flow refers to the relationship between money inflows and outflows in a specific period of time. In theory, cash flow can be calculated for each day (or even each second), but monthly and quarterly cash flows are usually more appropriate in determining solvency. Importance of Cash Flow Many people link cash flow with businesses [...]

Once you start analyzing stocks (usually after you lose money following “expert advice”), you will no doubt come across the terms beta and alpha.  If you are wondering what they are, or are simply questioning why they are important to you as an investor, read on. First, Beta In the perfect world, stocks would go [...]