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As often happens when a company changes hands, things change within the structure of the firm as well. In 2008 Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America, along with numerous other financial institutions. BoA put its investment accounts under the new name Merrill Edge in 2010. Since then it has been running independently. Application [...]

Do you use OptionsXpress or Scottrade and wonder which one is better for your needs? If you are an investor, the best online broker is a topic that you are very interested in, yet there are so little information out there. Today, let’s try to uncover the cloud surrounding which broker is better in our [...]

At first glance, TradeKing vs OptionsXpress isn’t even close. In fact, the TradeKing did a quick tally and although bias, the results heavily favored the cheaper discount broker. However, upon looking into it further, you can see why there are still so many people who love OptionsXpress. Here’s a comparison guide that you definitely should [...]

Scottrade is ranked 60 in Fortune’s best companies to work for in 2009, but what’s good about the broker other than the Scottrade promotion code being offered? This review is written to find out. Click Here to Open an Account with Scottrade Scottrade at a Glance Never mind any other brokerage firms, Scottrade offers four [...]

Compare online brokers, or namely, stock brokers is sometimes a very difficult task due to the wealth of information online today. This post attempts to help you sort out all the noise in order to find and compare the best online stock brokers in the crowded industry. What I usually look for in online brokers [...]