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We like to highlight the people that do exceptionally well in every industry. In sports, there are all-stars and in Hollywood, there are super stars. We follow these people and try to know everything about them because if we can’t be like them, we can at least know about them. The investment industry is the [...]

The volatility seems to be continuing but as long term investors, we probably don’t have much to worry about. While the daily swings seem to be pretty wild, look at the week ending price of the Dow for the past month. Dec 11 – 8,565.09 Dec 5 – 8,635.42 Nov 28 – 8,829.04 Nov 21 [...]

Warren Buffett is without question the most successful investor of our time (and possibly of all time).  His savvy deal making abilities coupled with his creative and cheerful personality allowed him to achieve success like no other. While searching the web for the comments he’s made through the years, I found many insightful comments that [...]

Many of my friends are asking me whether now is the right time to sell their stocks. My friends don’t want to lose anymore money, but they also don’t want to miss out on gains. While I don’t believe anyone has any ideas of what will happen to the market in the short term, I [...]