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As often happens when a company changes hands, things change within the structure of the firm as well. In 2008 Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America, along with numerous other financial institutions. BoA put its investment accounts under the new name Merrill Edge in 2010. Since then it has been running independently. Application [...]

Even with clever marketing and an attempt to turn their name into a verb, does Vanguard have what it takes to be a successful online broker? As a long standing player in the investment biz, Vanguard should have been poised to do well online. Here is what we found out. Application Process The details of [...]

WellsTrade by Wells Fargo is an online investment firm. Obviously connected to its parent company, the Wells Fargo banking chain, it provides investors an Internet-based platform through which they can manage their investments. Because it is related to the bank, however, its structure is a bit different than other firms. Application Process Online reviews state [...]

Charles Schwab is a venerable old man in the investing world. Having been around for a very long time, Schwab has made the transition to the Internet smoothly and is standing right alongside many other, younger companies. Aside from their acquisitions of smaller rivals such as OptionsXpress, one might wonder if this traditional firm has [...]

Do you use OptionsXpress or Scottrade and wonder which one is better for your needs? If you are an investor, the best online broker is a topic that you are very interested in, yet there are so little information out there. Today, let’s try to uncover the cloud surrounding which broker is better in our [...]