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Last week, we explored market and limit orders and stopped when we got to conditional orders. Let’s continue our discussion today. What Are Conditional Orders The advance in automation technology and electronic exchanges have created a market that is highly liquid and much more volatile than before.  Conditional orders were developed as a way to [...]

The price to earnings ratio (denoted P/E) measures the relationship between the share price to its earnings per share. It is considered one of the most important metric of a company because comparing two similar companies’ P/E shows us which is a better value. Sometimes, people will refer to this ratio as the price to [...]

One of the easiest metric to calculate and one where most financial sites provide, earnings per share (EPS) is one of the most important measure of a companies strength. Obviously, the higher this number, the more money the company is making. Calculating EPS To calculate this ratio, simply divide the company’s net income by the [...]

Everyday, all kinds of people publicly tell us why a stock would go up or down in the near future. Sometimes they talk about earnings, other times they talk about the economy but at the end of the day, stocks go up and down based on basic supply and demand. Stocks Go Up when People [...]