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A day trader is someone who devotes his whole day to the buying and selling of stocks, currencies, etc. These individuals are confident that they can make substantial profits trading every day. Usually they buy several or numerous stocks and sell them before the daily markets close. Because of the number of transactions entered into, [...]

Many people always wonder whether they should buy Apple (APPL) or Rimm (RIMM) but another strategy you can employ is actually to trade the pairs simultaneously. This means that you aren’t concerned with whether AAPL or RIMM will go up or down but rather which one will go up (or down) the most relative to [...]

Many people ask me about trading tools and how to more easily do stock analysis without guessing. One of the tools I love is MarketClub and Adam, the founder, always puts out videos showing you how he uses the tools himself along with some analysis. I know you are all interested so I won’t get [...]

Many people believe that gold, or TIPS is a good way to hedge against inflation but there’s actually a better way. The indicator has actually accurately forecasted every inflationary and deflationary cycle since it’s inception in 1957. INO has done a great video talking about it so check it out here. The index, now called [...]

Many people start trading because they are lured to the idea of “easy money”. They start out by watching the markets and then tell themselves: “Wow, I just need to buy when the market is down and sell when it goes back up.” At some point, we all look at those lovely looking charts showing [...]