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WIR – The Markets Seems to Behave Now

Another week of chaos in the markets but it seems to be much calmer than just a few weeks ago as investors seem to be:

  1. Getting Used to the Bad News and thus no bad surprises anymore (read: no major sell off)
  2. Expecting the worst anyway that some numbers from companies are actually better than expected
  3. Not seeing huge down days
  4. Market holding up (the Dow [1] doesn’t stay under 8000 very long even if it gets under that level)

While many of us still have stock portfolios that are down 30, 40, 50% this year, we are slowly turning our heads from the dreaded past finally looking forward to the future.

Of course, the Dow just dropped another 400 points in 2 days right after I write this piece, so it just goes to show the chaos that we are seeing!  Don’t worry though, because the sun will return no matter how cold the night is!

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