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Oftentimes when deciding how to spend your paycheck it is hard to account for the unforeseeable future. For example, what happens when an unexpected cost arises? Will you be ready? And how can you create a monthly budget that takes into account costs that you might not be looking for. This article will look at [...]

Life insurance is an important and sound part of financial planning. Of all of the financial planning that one can do, life insurance is the most vital, and fortunately it can be the most affordable. But traditionally, we have been taught to buy life insurance and do our investing separately. This has been a common [...]

Anyone who’s ever attempted to know how to get a¬†how to get a high yield on a savings account knows that the price you pay for a large return is being unable to touch the deposit. While it’s apparent how an individual would see the benefits to this arrangement, the incentive for a bank to [...]

Investing in gold is popular, but it’s not simple. There are lots of things that you need to know and the more knowledge you have, the better off you are going to be. These articles will talk at length about some of the different items that prospective gold investors need to keep in mind. Some [...]

Investing in gold has become increasingly popular in recent months, as evidenced by all-time high gold prices. So, should you buy gold? And if so, how much? Gold is something that has a place in the portfolio of any person doing serious investing, but it can’t be the thing that you rely upon solely. Many [...]