How to Invest in Gold 101 – Series Introduction

by Investing School on January 13, 2010

Investing in gold is popular, but it’s not simple. There are lots of things that you need to know and the more knowledge you have, the better off you are going to be. These articles will talk at length about some of the different items that prospective gold investors need to keep in mind. Some of these are more common sense items to keep yourself protected in an increasingly dangerous financial world. Others are more intricate things that will allow you to make the best choices once you have decided that gold buying is your chosen course of action. Each article has its own value and merit, though. The articles are listed as follows:

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With our article on how to avoid scammers, we will discuss some of the safest ways to sell your gold when it comes time to get a return on your investment. This includes tips on how to successfully use the internet to sell gold, as well as clues on how to sell gold out in the “real” world. In general, this article will give you some strategies that will make you feel safe and secure about your ability to actually get fair market value for the gold that you currently own.

Our discussion of the best ways to invest in gold will break down some of the better gold investment avenues out there, since there are so many. Gold leaves individuals with many different options. You might choose to invest in gold stocks, exploratory mining companies, or physical, tangible gold. Each of these has its advantages, which we will discuss even further. This article will include information on diversifying your portfolio even within your gold choice itself.

The articles seek to give investors a full, balanced look at the gold investing world. There are many advantages that need to be discussed, but there are some disadvantages, too. Knowing these things will help you make informed decisions on how much you want to invest and how much trust you want to put into various gold investments. With the advantages article, things like liquidity and stability are discussed. The ability to hold value even though tough times and the further ability to bet against the stability of the American economy is a chief concern here.

On the other side, the disadvantages will discuss the lack of huge growth potential, as gold is more of a steady stock. This article also talks about how people do not get the full benefit of investing when they choose gold, since there are no dividends that come when you own gold coins. These items should be considered along with any and all advantages, because gold investors need to know all of the costs associated with their investments, including any opportunity costs that they might incur as a result of investing.

Along those same lines, this series will feature insight on why gold should only make up part of an investment package. Foolish investors throw all of their money behind any one thing, so you need to be smarter than those people. That article will give individuals some reasons why it can be dangerous to invest it all in gold, including the growth opportunities that are lost and just the general wisdom behind portfolio diversification. Gold loses some of its investment power when you use it as too large a piece of the puzzle, as the article suggest.

Finally, there will be an article that gives investors a short history of gold as a worldwide currency. Just about everyone knows that gold has been used as money in the past, but they don’t understand the ins and outs of that relationship. This is an important part of the gold dynamic and it’s something that we will attempt to address with the last article of the series.

Ultimately investors should know a lot more about gold investing when they are finished reading these items. There is no reason why money cannot be made with gold investing and with the proper approach, people can make sure that they solidify their current standing. These articles touch on all different parts of portfolio building, focusing most on the overall investment focus that is needed for success.

About the Author: This article series on investing in gold is brought to you by Shaun Connell, the webmaster of Learn Gold Coins. To learn more about gold coins, you can read Ways to Invest in Gold and How to Buy Gold Coins. Good luck with your investments!

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tina January 14, 2010 at 5:18 pm

I’m thinking that it might be time to SELL GOLD. With the up and down swings of the market and the volatility of the commodies market – I think it’s time to CASH IN! There’s too much instability out there….I think it’s time to get cold hard cash for your unwanted gold and silver jewelry or any bullion you’re holding. But BEWARE of where you choose to sell it -there are lots of underpaying and scamming companies. By far the online businesses are paying more – but so many are not reputable. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!


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