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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) might be one of the most innovative investment products of recent times. These funds, unlike mutual funds, trade in the stock market and offer retail investors an simple way to invest in otherwise complex investments. While only authorized entities can make transactions directly with the fund manager, everyone who have access [...]

Index funds refer to mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETF) that tries to mimic the performance of a particular index. Some funds buy stocks and bonds using computer models that require minimum human intervention, while other more sophisticated ones will buy derivatives to help achieve its investment objective. The lack of active management usually [...]

Mutual Funds are an investment scheme that pools money from many different investors to invest in stocks, bonds, or other assets.  Typically, there are thousands (if not millions) of different investors who own shares of that mutual fund, which collectively make up the mutual fund’s holdings. Mutual funds are also the most popular type of [...]

Christmas is coming and everyone is definitely feeling the love!  Not only are people buying gifts, they seem to be buying stocks as well!  The general stock market continues its slow march back up from the lows.  Let’s hope that the Dow reaches 9,000 or even more!  It’s sure seems like a long time ago [...]

While a bond is a debt security that represents the authorized issuer’s obligation to repay the principal plus interest of the debt, a bond fund is a pool of money that invests in bonds. Most bond funds pay higher dividends than CDs or money market funds, and are considered less risky than stocks. That’s why [...]