Weekend Investment Reading – Happy Holidays

by Investing School on December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming and everyone is definitely feeling the love!  Not only are people buying gifts, they seem to be buying stocks as well!  The general stock market continues its slow march back up from the lows.  Let’s hope that the Dow reaches 9,000 or even more!  It’s sure seems like a long time ago when the same index dipped down to 7,500 and it just goes to show that those who panic usually lose big time!

As always, keep invested and have fun as life isn’t just about managing your money!  Go out and celebrate Christmas and when you still have time, come back and check out these articles about investing that I found interesting over the past week!

  • Anything over the extreme is bad and diversification is no different!  Oblivious Investor tells us why over diversification is like building our own high cost mutual fund!
  • Along the same lines of reducing cost, check out ABC’s explanation of Management Expense Ratio!
  • Here’s how to get great returns for your money – Take advantage of WTDirect’s Promotion Offer of Free $250 for Signing Up!
  • Dividend Growth Investor outlines 9 Companies with Notable Dividend Increases!

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