The Best Investment Ever (Updated for 2009)

by Investing School on December 29, 2008


It’s the end of the year which also signifies the start of another.  I’d like to dedicate today’s post to help you make the best investment for the upcoming year.  Without question, the single best investment we can ever make is one that enhances our abilities.  In other words, spend the time and money to grow our knowledge and expand our capacity.  Over the long term, it will be better than any stock, bonds or commodity that we can ever invest in.

Over the next 12 months, try to:

  1. Take some classes to learn something new or improve our current skill set
  2. Read financial literature like this blog to learn about investing techniques
  3. Don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown and learn through practice and experience
  4. Try to teach someone else about a topic you are familiar with since it will help you organize what you know
  5. Revisit your mistakes after they are made and try to pinpoint what went wrong and how it can be avoided next time

I understand that we all want to make money through investing but before any other investments are made, we should first invest in ourselves.

For long lasting benefits, always challenge yourself to grow.  Trust me, you will want to thank me later if you follow this advice.

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