Weekend Investment Reading – Index Funds, Really This Time

by Investing School on March 6, 2009

While I believe that people can pick stocks and investments that will truly outperform the market in the long run, I feel that it’s not worth the effort.

The mood swings that come with stock picking may not be worth it for some of you.  Neither is the time that it takes to research stocks.

Have you really thought about starting an investment plan around index funds where you just automatically contribute to it every month?  Wouldn’t that make your life better and easier when you don’t really have to watch CNBC all day long anymore?

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  • Speaking of index funds, Oblivious Investor agree – passive investing is better.
  • Actually, high yield savings account might be just as good.  FNBO Direct Online Bank is a great one which was reviewed by Bank Savings Review.
  • Even with index funds, you can still buy them with limit orders.  Don’t know what that is?  Check out ABC’s explanation.
  • Of course, index funds need to be coupled with asset allocation.  If you are worried about your money and made any plans before, check out this post.


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