Weekend Investment Reading – Selling Into the Rally

by Investing School on May 8, 2009

Amazing.  Just amazing.  The stock market is on track for the 8th straight week of gains and for those who are mostly long investors (pretty much everyone), it is great news.  I’ve been trimming my positions to get ready for a purchase of a home in the next 6-12 months, not to mention that when your portfolio takes a 60%+ leap, you take money off the table.

At this point, I’m 50% cash and I will be selling as it continues to rise.

Note that even though I’m generally selling my positions, I may still be buying different stocks in the meantime to try catching short term moves so it’s not all “sell sell sell”.

Personal Finance Article

  • Part of my plan is to switch to TradeKing as my stock broker.  I’m always going back and forth on this decision even though TradeKing seems to be an awesome brokerage firm.  (Here’s my review of TradeKing after my trial)
  • Commodities have certainly gained exposure in recent years and now it’s slowly becoming an asset class that investors could invest in.  ABC talks a little about what commodities really are.
  • The Visa Black Card is quite cool, so is the $500 annual fee really worth it?  PF Credit Cards takes a look here.
  • I agree with Bank Savings Review.  I have no idea why GMAC is still alive.  Apart from what the article says, the bank stress test says it needs something like $15 billion in additional capital.  Where are they going to get that?
  • Oblivious Investor doesn’t really like being a fool.  Hmm?  Find out what I’m talking about by reading his article!


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