Weekend Investment Reading – Time to Buy?

by Investing School on February 20, 2009

Some say that it’s a good sign that the market is behaving the way it is because the share prices are all going down not because there are lots of sellers but because there are no buyers.  Therefore, they are arguing that most people who want to sell have already sold and if there’s any good news, it should be up and up from here.

Do you agree?  With the Dow at decade lows, should you put more money into the market?

Great Articles Down Below

  • I wrote a review on the budgeting software called You Need a Budget (YNAB).  It’s really simple so folks who like to budget should check this option out as it might save you time (or money).
  • PF Credit Cards has a pretty good post on how to beat priceline and get a good price on your travel needs.  Check it out if you are always overpaying for your travel by paying retail!
  • The Oblivious Investor writes another great piece on retirement.  Should we even dare think that it’s possible for us to retire with a comfortable lifestyle?
  • ABCs of Investing writes about the least understood retirement accounts of them all – the Roth IRA.  Head on over there to know a little about the basics of what it is and whether it can help you!

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