Worthwhile Recession Proof Investments for Every Common Investor

by Investing School on March 28, 2012

Afraid of losing money in the current stock market? Luckily, there are still some markets that are safe, despite the current condition of the economy. While these markets may not be traditional money-makers, they are wonderful for making money during a recession.

Fast Food

When a recession hits, people often try to cut back by going out to eat less. However, cooking is not for everyone. Additionally, many times people don’t feel like making a meal after an entire day at work. Due to the troubled economy, people are much less likely to go to dinner at a sit-down restaurant.

However, people eat at fast food restaurants more and more during recessions because the food is quick and cheap. While a fast food place may not be the ideal location for a first date, it is a great and affordable place to take the kids after a long day at work.


During a recession, people enjoy participating in cheap forms of entertainment, such as going to the movies. This means that the entertainment industry generally sees growth during recessions. If you want to make money right now, invest your money in movies and other cheap forms of entertainment.

DVD rental services, online streaming services, cable TV networks, Hollywood production companies, and music sales are all expected to make money over the next year. Movie theaters truly gained popularity during the Great Depression as an affordable form of entertainment, and the same remains true today.


As America has seen, many banks are “too big to fail,” meaning that you can count on a bank not going out of business during a recession. In fact, in this period of the recession, banks are actually making money, including the best online banks which most people don’t stop to consider when it comes to investing.

People still need loans and other financial services during a recession. Many people may now take out debt consolidation loans or personal loans that they didn’t need in the pre-recession economy. If Warren Buffet says it’s a good move to invest in banks, it probably is. Many people are investing in all three of these markets and seeing good returns.

Choosing where to place your money is rarely an easy choice when it comes to investing, however, a little know how and the guidance of a financial planner or stock broker can go a long way. Keep in mind though that investing in the markets is risky, so you should try to educate yourself best as possible prior to buying stocks and you want to be sure to keep your portfolio diverse.

This is a guest post from Jenna Smith, a resident and student in the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis. Upon graduation she hopes to travel the world writing about her travels. Someday Jenna hopes to be part of a worldwide publication or start her own platform for unique writers like herself.

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