Weekend Investment Reading – Bull Run

by Investing School on May 1, 2009

Or at least in the short term.  It definitely seems like we are going up in the immediate months but I’m not so sure about the mid to long term as people are still underestimating the carnage that the housing market will bring.  In the mean time though, enjoy the price action and make some money 🙂  We probably have a few weeks to months of good times unless we get surprising news.

As long as you keep yourself updated and stay nimble, you will do okay in this market.

Personal Finance Articles

  • Bank Savings Review gave us a brief overview of what the bank stress test schedule will be.  The official results will be out next week so stay tuned.
  • There’s another review of Zecco at Stock Trading Brokers.  I think Zecco is a decent offer even though there are some complaints.  What do you think?
  • Four Pillars discusses whether future contributions should play a part in our asset allocation strategy.  It’s an interesting point but I believe that as long as you are regularly re-balancing your portfolio, it will take care of itself.
  • I wrote about leverage on MoneyNing.  Not just in the investing sense but everything leverage in our lives.
  • SVB doesn’t agree with me on the short term bull run in the stock market.  What is she talking about?  Find out why she thinks the S&P will dive.


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