41 Investing Lessons We Already Know

by Investing School on May 4, 2009

Whether we just want the thrill of winning or genuinely need to build wealth, investing is a great way to satisfy our needs and desires. Unfortunately, most of us fail to make a dime investing. Why? Let’s start with the brilliant and abundant investing lessons that we receive each and every day. (Below are a few that I’ve heard this week alone)

Investing Lessons

Watch the Fees, Buy Low, Sell High, Buy High, Sell Higher, Be Greedy and Others are Fearful and Vice Versa, Ignore the Noise, Listen to Advisors, Look for Value, Don’t Buy the Hot Stocks, Don’t be a Knife Catcher, Know Your Time Horizon, Diversify, Re-balance Your Portfolio, Do Your Homework, Harvest Stock Losses for Tax Purposes, Buy Dividend Stocks, Take Advantage of DRIP, Don’t Trust Everyone the Broker Says, Watch CNBC and Stay Up to Date, Don’t Invest Money You Can’t Afford to Lose, Don’t Try to Time the Market, Keep Contributing, Open an Roth IRA, 401k Match is Free Money, You Can Beat the Market, You Can’t Beat the Market, Follow Big Money, Keep Learning, Dividend is Your Friend, Buy Best of Breed, Resist the Temptation to Sell when You Feel the Worst, Don’t Take on Too Much Risk, Take Profits, Don’t Look at the Past, Don’t Buy on Tips, Stop Always Checking, Leave Your Emotions at the Door, Asset Allocation is Key, Follow Insiders, Listen to Earning Calls, Don’t Fight Momentum, Stop Wishing…

Simple, straightforward, and easy to follow. (Yeah right)

The Real Investing Lesson

Done listening to others? Maybe it’s time … oh wait, Fast Money is on CNBC… Gotta go.  Catch you later.  (Hey, I am in it for myself.  Trust no one.)

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Richard May 4, 2009 at 12:22 pm

So true. “Trust no one” is probably the biggest lessons we’ve learned in this financial crisis. While so many people thought the financial industry has their interest in mind, those people on wall street were raking in billions knowing the public is screwed. It’s such a scam.


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