Trading 101 – Don’t Listen to Financial Experts

by Investing School on June 17, 2009

Here’s another reason why you can’t listen to financial experts.

Recently, the short term moving averages on the S&P 500 are starting to move above the longer term (200 day) moving averages.  This, according to financial experts, suggests that the stock market move is real.  Huh?  The S&P is up 40% from the lows and now you tell me it’s for real?  If I waited for this, I would be missing a huge chunk of the move!

Then, in the same article, the experts says that if there’s a reversion (ie, the stock market goes back down), it will send fear that this is a bull run in a longer term bear market.  Ehh okay…

“Once you regain the trend, you don’t want to give it up,” says one of the financial experts.  Yup.  I got it.  Awesome advice.

Here’s the full article

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